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Welcome to KwirkyLife! We know that life can be kinda intense sometimes. We like to keep things fun, relaxed and mellow here. So join us and let your life be a little more Kwirky!

We are on a mission to make the world a little less mass produced.

Here at Kwirky Life we are on a mission to make stuff. So far, we have learned to knit, crochet, make soap and paper, felt, and make spa products. We are currently working on macrame, quilling and the fine art of wreath making.

We are also avid foodies. Traci is a vegetarian so she does mostly vegan and vegetarian stuff while Charli is definitely a carnivore. We love to learn new stuff and are currently working our way through our local big box craft store. We definitely prefer small, local craft shops, but sometimes it's necessary to head to Hobby Lobby when we are looking for something new and exciting. We hope that you find inspiration here and will share your crafts with us. Below is your road map for navigating around our Kwirky World. Please sign up to follow our blog so you can join us on our journey!

image of hand knit headbands image of crochet fingerless gloves image of handmade soap